Rosemerryn House

A zero carbon eco-house built around an entire oak frame in a wonderful valley setting. This house really combines modern low cost living with vast quantities of both glass and soul. It’s a wonderful home as well as an impressive piece of architecture that fits perfectly into its location.


The perfect partner for our dream project, Matt embraced our vision, applying his expertise and adding his inspiration, to make it a reality.

He listened to our ideas and incorporated them imaginatively, and while we could not have done it without him, he never let us feel we’d lost ownership of what we created together.

Our home is beautiful, and we feel both very lucky to have found Matt, and very grateful for his dedication to achieving what we wanted.

Laura Shaw and Rob Donaldson


Builders: Self-build with various sub-contractors; Ricky Podd, Leo Kirkman and Swiss Sam
Oak frame: Stuart Carter, Green Oak Cornwall


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